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Longreach Access – Straight Stick Boom Hire

Longreach Access Rentals provide the perfect solution for working safely at heights in the greater Sydney area. With over a decade of experience, we have established an enviable reputation as the go-to company for providing elevating working platforms. For this, we provide diesel-powered straight stick boom lifts, which come in a range of heights from 45 ft to 135 ft.

They have the following features:

Diesel 45ft straight stick boom lift

  • Lift capacity of 227 kg
  • Maximum working height of 15.72m
  • Horizontal outreach length of 11.18m
  • Easy maneuverability
  • 4WD capability that facilitates positive traction

Diesel 65ft straight stick boom lift

  • Lift capacity of 227 kg
  • Maximum working height of 21.80m
  • 360-degree continuous turntable rotation
  • 160-degree platform rotation
  • 4WD with extendable drive speed

Diesel 85ft straight stick boom lift

  • Lift capacity of 227 kg
  • Maximum working height of 27.91m
  • 360-degree continuous turntable rotation
  • Hydraulic platform rotation
  • 4WD capability

Diesel 125ft straight stick boom lift

  • Lift capacity of 227 kg
  • Maximum working height of 41.15m
  • 360-degree continuous turntable rotation
  • Axle-extended turning radius
  • Extendable drive speed

Diesel 135ft straight stick boom lift

  • Lift capacity of 340 kg
  • Maximum working height of 43.15m
  • 360-degree continuous turntable rotation
  • Vertical and horizontal jib rotation
  • Axle-extended turning radius
  • Positive traction 4WD

Why hire a straight stick boom lift?

A straight stick boom lift facilitates access to heights that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Basically, a boom lift consists of a platform that is joined to a long boom operated by a hydraulic lift system. The platform is raised to the required height when the operator needs to be transported to high elevations to perform some form of work.

So how can you benefit from hiring a straight stick boom lift?

  • In the construction industry, full height navigation is required, and a boom lift is ideal for reaching those difficult jobs.
  • When erecting a Steel frame such as RSJ’s in a warehouse or factory
  • If you are installing a sign or façade, a boom lift maybe what you need.
  • Boom lifts also come in handy in the film industry to construct stages or for performances. They are used in stadiums, sports arenas and even golf tournaments.

Other situations in which boom lifts are put to use include window cleaning, repair of telecommunication equipment, fire sprinkler installations, and maintenance of concrete processing plants.

Regardless of the task, boom lifts will reach out over and above obstacles to elevate people and materials into the air so they can get to where they need to work.

Where to hire straight stick boom lifts

Longreach Access Rentals have one of the most modern rental fleet in the business. We take the safety and security of our clients seriously – our machines are always in perfect condition due to our thorough and regular maintenance.

Our team are always available to help you select the right boom lift for your task. Reach out to us online or call us today on 02 9525 4200 for a quote tailored to your specific needs.

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