Knuckle Boom Lifts

Knuckle Boom Lifts Hire

Longreach Access provides knuckle boom lift hire services to the Greater Sydney region. Sometimes, you need to squeeze  through tight and elevated spaces. Maneuverability matters during these times, which is why using a knuckle boom lift is ideal. We offer a variety of knuckle boom lifts for hire in Sydney. We are sure you will find just what you need from our large selection of electric and diesel boom lifts.

Who needs cherry picker hire in Sydney?

When work areas are difficult to access safely, knuckle boom lifts are the perfect solution. The base of the arm on a boom lift is mounted to a turntable, allowing full circular rotation. Multiple joints in the arm allow it to bend and maneuver  over and around obstacles. Some of the industries that benefit from cherry picker hire include:
  • Building and Construction workers
  • Maintenance and cleaning workers
  • Electrical wiring and piping workers
  • Plumbers
  • Sign installers
  • Glass and window workers
Knuckle boom lifts are a safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding. They allow workers to efficiently navigate through tight and otherwise inaccessible spaces. Best of all, the electric knuckle booms are not loud and do not emit harmful fumes, making them a great solution for work that needs completing during hours when consumers will be on site.

Electric Knuckle Boom Lifts

Longreach Access offers customers seven different electric knuckle boom lifts for hire in Sydney. Each model is suited to different needs. Hire the cherry picker that best meets your unique criteria for safely and efficiently performing tasks. Options include:
  • The Star 10 works well in small, tight spaces. With a working height of 10m and an outreach of 3m when at 6m working height, it is ideal for indoor use.
  • The 30ft boom is a narrow lift that affords operators access to hard-to-reach spaces. General contractors and those in the heavy-duty construction trades will benefit from this model.
  • The 34ft boom allows operators to work in proximity to buildings and overhead work sites.
  • The 34ft cherry picker gets you up and over obstacles for precise positioning and the best outdoor performance. It’s great for one off small jobs and best of all you can tow it yourself.
  • The 40ft boom works best when used on smooth, finished surfaces. It is perfect for indoor maintenance or electrical work.
  • The 45ft boom works indoors and outdoors and provides a stable lift.
  • The Nifti HR21 Hybrid 60ft boom is self-propelled and capable of lifting 2 workers and their tools to a maximum height of 20.8m. Its hybrid engine makes it powerful yet quiet for operating within proximity to people.

Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts

Choose from eight diesel boom lifts for hire in Sydney with Longreach Access. Our diesel booms come with a variety of reaches – 34ft, 45ft, 51ft, 60ft, 80ft, 135ft, – and are guaranteed to meet even the largest lifting power needs. Diesel boom lifts are intended for outdoor use since they emit diesel fumes, which can become overwhelming in an indoor space. Our diesel boom selection also includes the Nifti HR21 60ft boom in hybrid or diesel-only models. The diesel-only version maximises traction and gradeability.

Is a Knuckle Boom Lift Right for Your Job Site?

Reach out to the team at Longreach Access, the knuckle boom lifts for hire experts in Sydney. We have a variety of boom lifts from which to choose and the knowledge to help you pair the right model to suit your needs. If you need cherry picker hire, think Longreach Access.
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